You Deserve To Taste "QUALITY"

Our story began when my brother and I left Korea 15 years ago to build a better future for ourselves. We both joined the hospitality industry, as time went by, we desired to have a restaurant of our own. Therefore BBQ Brothers10 was established.

It isn’t just about the amazing food but also a culture that we want to deliver. Our focus is to create the best Korean BBQ experience for our customer that we want to share with Australia. We believe that the key element of the barbecue is the meat itself so every morning quality Australian Wagyu is delivered.

When you come to BB10, you will leave with a mouthful of Korean flavours that you will never forget.

Let us serve you the best quality Korean BBQ!


Best Korean BBQ experience

for our customer


"The real stuff" on your table

We value your money and time!

You can not only enjoy set menus for combination of the best variety but also single order for personal taste.  

In addition, we have delicious side menus which stimulation your taste buds in perfect taste.




TEL: 03 9042 3173 

ADD: 589 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Monday - Friday [CLOSED]
Saturday - Sunday [12.00PM - 2.30PM]
Monday - Thrusday [5.30PM - 10.00 PM]
Friday & Saturday [5.00 - 10:30PM]
Sunday [5.00 - 9:30PM]
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